To say that this seed is beautiful is an absolute understatement, this seed is one of the most GORGEOUS seeds ever naturally generated.

I, like most other people was dumbfounded when we discovered the new “amplify” option in Minecraft. Towering pillars of sand, massive floating islands covered in waterfalls, Its a nomads perfect dream.I was even more suprized when i found this

A massive mountain range, carved out underneath like an above-ground Nether.I havent had the chance to explore most of it myself but i also believe that land below the mountains is riddled with caves. What you see in the pictures is only a little portion of what i found.

Now, not giving out the seed would just be downright rude, so here friends, enjoy paradise. (P.s. Look up)

Seed: 2470583614645968129 (World type set to amplified, on 13w36b)

Location: X: -19  Z:100

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(EDIT: This isint the only amazing seed! there are so many other gorgeous seeds! i dident know how crazy amplify could get!)